At Varcotex Design, the term concept is used when talking about the business. A concept may contain anything from a couple to 50+ labels, packaging and accessory ideas with details. There is a "unified theme" running through all these elements. Logos, graphic forms of expression, colours, patterns or materials can be used to give a consistent impression in a way that fosters strong communication. The most common elements in a concept are woven labels, tabs, leather labels and hanging labels (swing tags) of paper, plastic or textile materials. Latex, metal, foam plastic and composite materials are also commonly used. Other important parts in a concept are packaging, boxes, wrapping, tissue paper and accessories. With different printing techniques, punching methods, foil blocking and tying methods, the options are limitless.

In addition, Varcotex design also focuses on the placement of the labels. An innovative placement that surprise and create a function is an important part of the concept.
Our clients appreciate this expertise and often ask us to take

part in their own design process at an early stage. A good concept works as individual labels, together and in conjunction with the garment.
Graphic design combined with exciting materials has to convey unique values that form an entity between the brand/trademark and the product. The thought of a consumer appreciating the label so much that it ends up in the office drawer instead of the wastepaper basket is something that gives impetus to all our designers.

When the customer feels that they have a need and they see a gap in the market, Varcotex steps in. Today, it is essential to be seen and heard in a more competitive market. The difference between success and failure lies in the ability to be clear and consistent. The labels have a direct communication with customers, this field is important for the brand, and is easy to"forget".

Together with involved people, we gather the existing material's needed to create and strengthen the identity. It is here that Varcotex uses its expertise and experience.

When the aims and problems are targeted, Varcotex design team creates a tailored solution for the specific purpose. Here we coordinate all the signals to one totality that communicate and focus, strongly and efficiently

The solution is presented with the necessary branding, packaging, labels and placement ideas

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